Takin’ Care of Business

Restructuring the website a little, pretending that I’m doing something important with my time.

Soon the day will come when all of my work is neatly categorized and organized. Then, and only then, will the publishing houses clamor for my attention.


More Publishment! (& Update)

Hot diggity dash!


All right. Story a Day September died a bit of a miserable death, thanks to an onslaught of Real Life.

I am currently gearing up for November, as well as attempting to shut the door on The October House.

When I get a breath of free time, I plan to make a page for this blog that lists my projects.

Awww yisssss.

Camp NaNo August Party up in hurr


Life after dark in a New Orleans graveyard, and the stories of two people a century apart trying to find freedom —
In 1852, a free woman of colour struggles to help slaves along the underground railroad, all the while coping with an odd set of feelings attached to a new friend. In 1952, a plumber’s boy falls in love with a girl far across the tracks, challenging the rules in a world of racial segregation. The two stories are tied together by the graveyard and the set of Vodou spirits who inhabit it, as Baron Samedi and his family watch a city grow around them.

Genre: Historical literary partially-supernatural hints-of-queer-but-also-straight-romance psychological mega-adventure

Obligatory reflections

Well, it’s almost the end.

Not a bad month for writing. Not bad at all. Something interesting I found was that I had runs of five days or so with similar outcomes. One week I wrote nothing good, and then the next week everything I so much as coughed on turned to readable material. I hadn’t been expecting patterns like that. The middle of the month was the worst, as would only make sense. The lagging, dragging middle days were hard to write and even harder to read. That happens with NaNoWriMo. It happens with everything.

I’ve really enjoyed this as a project, so I think I’ll try it again in September after camp NaNo. It’s been worthwhile. If anyone involved happens to read this, thank you very much.

So not a bad month for writing. Not bad at all.

For the first day this month, I am going to take a day off writing. I was all set to write one particular story, but then I stumbled into a world of research. I wouldn’t be doing the subject justice if I ignored the culture surrounding it. This blog will return to its regularly scheduled program this weekend. In the meantime, I have a hot date with Baron Samedi.